Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's almost that time of the year...

For the last 2 years, Julie (who sadly no longer blogs) ran an ornament exchange. I really loved this swap so I asked her if she would mind if I sort of it took it over, so here we are...a new blog and all.

Sign up here, email me at or facebook me if you would like to join. Sign up will go to until October 31, I'll assign you a swap partner over the weekend and let you know on the 3rd or 4th who you will be sending too. All ornaments should be mailed out by December 1st. Once you have received your ornament (and it will not be from the same person you sent one to) let me know and if you are a blogger I will link to your post. If you are not a blogger, I will post whatever you choose to say about your ornament and a picture if you send me one on this blog.

Spread the word! I'd love to see particpants from all over!


  1. Count me in - I had so much fun picking out ornaments for Jeannie (Musings from Left Field) last year - she is a snowman lover, just like me? (Is she one of your friends on Facebook?)

  2. yay! count me in (even though I blog no more...). you are awesome for setting this up woman! xoxoxoxo, beebop (aka betsy), youve got my email, yes?

  3. Betsy, I'd have to dig for your email, so I'll probably just harass you via facebook. And unless you've moved I still have your address.

    Kristin, hope you join!

  4. Cool! I wondered if Julie was doing it again this year, sad she's not but happy you are continuing. :) I am having one this year too. :) Last I participated in two. This year I think I'll do three. :) I really LOVE it!

  5. I wondered where Julie went-- her domain isn't even hers now. Is she going to participate?